"...Lastly, a hats-off to Amanda Forsythe and “that little red dress” and her wonderful voice and stage presence, and for the way she rendered a flirtatious Atalanta, playing to the audience, and anyone else in this wonderful cast that caught her eye. It’s difficult with a cast as good as this to pick out any one and say, “that was the one that stole the show,” but if I were to venture down that road, she would be “that one” – a denomination that seems to have garnered some national attention these days as well."

Opera Online

"...and the ever-nimble Amanda Forsythe was a very saucy Atalanta."

Boston Globe

"...And it had some beautiful and intelligent singing…soprano Amanda Forsythe as Atalanta all but stole the show with her sparkling vocalism and sexy villainy. (Dressed in scarlet, she had a Sarah Palin wink and, ever on the lookout, slipped the conductor her phone number after her evil plot was exposed.)"

Boston Phoenix

"...On the female side, only soprano Amanda Forsythe as the foxy, feisty Atalanta, forever interfering, could be described as au fait with Handel and if she was tempted on occasion to over-egg the comedy, it was an appealing performance that showcased some brilliant highwire work."

Opera Today

"...Where to begin in praising Amanda Forsythe's performance as Romilda's conniving sister, Atalanta? Standing out even in such gifted company, she was superb. The kind of artist one always hopes to discover, she displayed phenomenal technique, crystalline tone and a dynamite stage presence. Her transformation from the quiet sister in the shadows into a Handelian vixen in a slinky red dress will remain one of the highlights of the season. Before Xerxes, Handel composed Atalanta, an opera centered on the same character — please, would someone consider giving Forsythe her own show?"

Opera News