"...Amanda Forsythe’s trusting, virtuous Drusilla was too good for him, but that’s the point. She sang the role with a touching and sometimes comic innocence and made easy work of the florid vocal writing in her few solo turns."


"...Amanda Forsythe, who made a strong impression as Drusilla in “Poppea,” proved both a more supple and a more virtuosic performer in the brighter spotlight Venus afforded her."


"Leads Keith, Ullmann, and Houtzeel performed exquisitely, but it was Amanda Forsythe who captured her role with such jaw-dropping substance of power and grace."

Boston Music Intelligencer

"...Amanda Forsythe made an emotionally compelling and vocally radiant Drusilla."

Hub Review

"...Drusilla (Poppea's unfaithful friend and Poppea's ex-lover's faithful lover) is like dessert, if dessert were something you could sing (which is apparently the case for Amanda Forsythe)."

The Bostonist

"...And gleaming soprano Amanda Forsythe is a perfect Drusilla, who lends her lover Ottone (German baritone Holger Falk) her clothes when he attempts to murder Poppea and then takes the blame when the plot fails."

Boston Phoenix

"...The women were stronger. Amanda Forsythe, as Drusilla, a lady in love with Ottone, has a warm, flexible soprano that made a strong impression."

Wall Street Journal

"...On Saturday at Jordan Hall, BEMF offered a double bill of chamber operas: John Blow's "Venus and Adonis" and Marc-Antoine Charpentier's "Actéon," both from the 1680s. Ms. Forsythe again shone as Venus."

Wall Street Journal