"...‘Parto, m' affretto’ (from Lucio Silla) showcases coloratura soprano Amanda Forsythe – a voice to remember."

The Independent (UK)

"...The program continues with what may be the highlight of the disc, soprano Amanda Forsythe's performance of a recitative and aria from the opera seria Lucio Silla. Forsythe's voice is powerful, intense, pure, and warm, easily taking the limelight…"


"...Soprano Amanda Forsythe is the dramatically alert, technically spectacular soloist in the Lucio Silla aria 'Parto, m'affretto'."

Philidelphia Inquirer

"...The Recitative and Aria from Mozart’s early opera Lucio Silla [are] beautifully sung by Amanda Forsythe."

The Arts Desk (UK)

"...This aria isn’t particularly high — I think it tops out at D — but it demands fantastic dexterity and accuracy. And soprano Amanda Forsythe nails everything, with such insouciant ease that you might almost think she was daring the audience to think her capable of misstepping."

San Francisco Classical Voice

"...With her pulsating and richly hued voice, Forsythe turns every phrase into an affecting gesture and sails through the florid passages."

Cleveland Plain Dealer

"...Soprano Amanda Forsythe shines brightly in the Lucio Silla recitative and aria. Her Italian diction is flawless, and Sorrell is a most expressive partner for her. Ms. Forsythe is a passionate artist with plenty of technique, and the elaborate triplet runs in the aria hold no terrors for her."

KUHF – Houston public radio

"...Amanda Forsythe is a brilliant soloist, making light of the difficult part, and flying above the stave with ease. She also has a pure voice devoid of all wobble. Each note is clearly pitched and delivered flawlessly. This is magnificent."

Music Web International