"...Only three of the nine members of the cast [were] fully up to and on top of their roles. Kudos then to Iestyn Davies as the flamboyant Creonte, Delphine Galou as the lame (all senses) Nurse, and above all, Amanda Forsythe, excellent as Manto, the not-so-foolish virgin, all of whom managed to sing accurately, put their characters across, and handle the coloratura confidently."

Opera Britannia

"...The two other females added much to the mix: Delphine Galou's Nerea, ripe and lively in voice, the harbinger of the end-of-act saltarello, was a handy jester, while Amanda Forsythe's dewy, bright Manto (one to watch) brought a frisky spring to the Theban step."

The Arts Desk

"... [A] comforting distraction [was] Amanda Forsythe in her role as a priestess, who seemed to be the only character with spirit and glowing cheeks."

Musical Opinion (UK)

"...American soprano Amanda Forsythe shone as Manto, priestess of Latona."

Opera News

"...Tous les autres rôles sont impeccablement tenus, à commencer par la soprano Amanda Forsythe, tout à fait craquante sous les traits de l’innocente Manto à la découverte de l’amour et de la sensualité."


"...Das komplette Ensemble lässt nichts zu wünschen übrig, herausragend die Sängerinnen Amanda Forsythe und Delphine Galou."


"...The rest of the cast did not let Steffani down.Tim Mead was an ardent and lyrical suitor, Amanda Forsythe and Lothar Odinius a lovely and ardent pair of lovers. Forsythe sang with great sweetness conveying the vulnerability of youth."