"...The two young lovers, Nannetta and Fenton, were sung by American Amanda Forsythe and Spanish-born Puerto Rican Joel Prieto. Forsythe's luminous soprano rose easily into the high-lying delicacies of her fairy-song."

Opera News

"...The wives are upwardly mobile gossipy ladies of the post-war era – they share some of Verdi’s yummiest music – and I must reserve special mention for Amanda Forsythe’s Nanetta: her repeated refrains with her Fenton are meltingly beautiful."


"...Amanda Forsythe was a darling Nannetta and should be heard for her spinning pianissimos alone."

Musical Criticism

"...The young lovers are beautifully sketched in by Amanda Forsythe’s pristine Nannetta and Joel Prieto’s lithe Fenton."

The Stage

"...Italian baritone Ambrogio Maestri is a magnificent dissolute knight, physically and vocally captivating and dominating. In the next scene, a posh restaurant, the four women show off the first of Brigitte Reiffenstuel's glamorous 1950s frocks and hats. Fenton (Puerto Rican-Spanish tenor Joel Prieto), the unsuitable suitor for the hand of the soubrette Nannetta (American soprano Amanda Forsythe), is, ingeniously, a waiter. These three singers stand out vocally, in casting that is uniformly fine, and features several house debuts."

The Wall Street Journal

"...Nannetta is an easy win for a young sylph-like soprano and Amanda Forsythe didn’t disappoint...Time stood still in the Act I Fenton—Nannetta duet. Forsythe captured the angst of frustrated teenage love perfectly, doing what all teenagers do – turning to a tub of ice cream! Her Act III aria ‘Sul fil d’un soffio etesio’ had crystalline clarity as she appeared through the mists shrouding the stage."

Opera Britannia

"...Amanda Forsythe’s Nannetta rings out silver above Verdi’s dense ensembles."

New Statesman

"...The lovers were touchingly young and sweet...Nanetta (soprano Amanda Forsythe) notably accomplished, floated a sheerly beautiful top A flat in their first scene together."

Classical-music.com (BBC)

"...Amanda Forsythe (Nannetta) and Joel Prieto (Fenton) make a handsome and sweet- sounding couple of young lovers."


"...Everything sung by the young lovers Fenton and Nannetta (Joel Prieto and Amanda Forsythe, both excellent), is carefully set apart from the onrushing tumult elsewhere."

The Guardian

"...Amanda Forsythe’s Nannetta spins sweetness on top."

The Independent

"...Joel Prieto and Amanda Forsythe were a sweet-voiced and enchanting pair of lovers; Fenton and Nannetta had an engaging stage presence."

Seen and Heard International