"...The cast, led by the glowing soprano Dominique Labelle, as the witch Medea, and the outstanding lyric soprano Amanda Forsythe in the title role, also afforded many moments of unalloyed musical pleasure. Ms. Forsythe sang the part of Teseo with a vibrant and focused soprano that brought out a likable mixture of military courage and emotional vulnerability in the young hero. Her opening aria, “Quanto ch’a me sian care,” was beautifully sung, with a slender, gleaming sound."

The New York Times

"...Soprano Amanda Forsythe was a heroic Theseus, singing in broad, martial cadences that still made room for a show of lovelorn emotion, and studded with superb bursts of precise, seemingly effortless coloratura."

San Francisco Chronicle

"...Soprano Amanda Forsythe was tremendous in the role of Teseo. Her singing was focused and agile, yet she was completely at ease with the character's dramatic swagger."

David Weininger/Boston Globe

"...Both were sung by sopranos whose voices are in full bloom and whose technique makes light of Handel's firework coloratura. As Teseo, Amanda Forsythe brought a metallic gleam and cool focus to the trouser role."

Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim/The New York Times

"...Teseo was sung with agility, tonal splendor and dramatic firepower by soprano Amanda Forsythe, a star on the early-music scene."

Andrew L. Pincus/Berkshire Eagle