"...But really this was soprano Forsythe's show. Her voice was clear, nimble, and expressive; she seemed to take risks with complete sang-froid, and to be incapable of any gesture, inflection, or ornament that is stale or lacking in taste. Her part was massive, including a grand final sequence of arias and recitatives that gave her moral revelation astonishing impact."

David Gorden Duke/Classical Voice

"...As is well known by now, soprano Amanda Forsythe's vocal control and sense of Baroque style is quite formidable... This was in no sense a serene or tender characterization from the outset, but rather a buoyant, confident, almost brazen Beauty, full of virtuoso cut and thrust, with strong accents and dynamics, and angular projection. Coupled with a white timbre at the top of her register and her intensity, this was certainly strong and distinctive. But, as it turns out, that was the point: it is only when Beauty ultimately yields at the end of the second part that we see her vulnerable side, her emotions and her true beauty. The soprano's closing aria, "Pure immortal beings...," was incredibly inward and touching."

Geoffrey Newman/Seen and Heard International

"...et puis il y avait cette merveille de soprano, l'Américaine Amanda Forsythe, narguant le «Temps», malicieuse, espiègle «Beauté» dont la voix riche virevoltait d'aisance jusque dans ses vocalises qui à aucun moment ne perdaient la signification musicale qu'elles portaient, et finalement alter ego de Haendel libérant par sa beauté sonore la musique du temps et la joie de l'écoute, loin des leçons de morale... Superbe."

J.J. Van Vlassevaer/La Presse