Agostino Steffani:Duets of Love and Passion

Winner of the Diapason d'Or, January 2018

"Quanto care"

"Su ferisci"

"Tengo per infallibile"



Bach:St. John Passion

"Amanda Forsythe is technically sure and vocally charming in both of her arias" Gramophone/David Vickers

"Ich folge dir gleichfalls"

"Zerfliesse, mein Herze"



Handel:The Power of Love

"It is a joy to hear a singer rethinking much of this familiar music without ever distorting it, such that the CD's 55 minutes of singing truly impresses like a first hearing...I could go on but find no need to; I hope you get my point. This is a knockout recital by a major American soprano." Classics Today/Robert Levine

"Dunque i lacci....Ah crudel"

"Un cenno leggiadretto"

"Geloso tormento"

"Da Tempeste"


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Rossini:Guillaume Tell (Jemmy)

"Amanda Forsythe's Jemmy — the boy's restored aria decorated with bravura — affords the best singing of this crucial part I've ever encountered." Opera News/David Shengold


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handelteseo 150

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"McGegan's pacing, his orchestra's subtle playings and Amanda Forsythe's singing ensure that Teseo's 'Chi ritorna alla mia mente' is breathtakingly gorgeous" Gramophone

"Quanto Ch'a Me Sian Cara"

"S'Armi il Fato"

"Chi Ritorna Alla Mia Mente"


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Charpentier:La Descente d'Orphee aux enfers
La Couronne de Fleurs

"Amanda Forsythe continues to please as greatly as she did in the BEMF’s version of Blow’s Venus and Adonis. There are few French singers of the so-called legendary recording period who could equal what I previously called her “radiantly focused soprano,” and her “dramatic coloration of the text.” Fanfare Magazine

"La Couronne de Fleurs: Air de Rosélie"

"La Couronne de Fleurs: Air de Rosélie"

"La Descente d'Orphée aux Enfers: Air D'Euridice"

"La Descente d'Orphée aux Enfers: Récit D'Euridice"

NiobeReginaDiTebeCDCover sm


Agostino Steffani: Niobe, Regina di Tebe

 "Manto is sung enchantingly by Amanda Forsythe" Gramophone/David Vickers

Niobe, regina di Tebe, Act 1: "Se la vita à me donasti" (Manto)

Niobe, regina di Tebe, Act 1: "Nel mio seno à poco à poco" (Manto)

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"Amanda Forsythe's agile singing in Dorinda's 'O care parolette' is so nonchalantly frothy; her plaintively beautiful arioso 'Quando spieghi i tuoi tormenti' and siciliana 'Se mi rivolgo al prato' are alone worth buying this for." Gramophone

"Ho un certo rossore"

"Quando spieghi i tuoi tormenti"

"Amore è qual vento"

"O care parolette"

"Se mi rivolgo al prato"

Haydn the Creation

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Haydn: Die Schöpfung

"and springwater-clear soprano Amanda Forsythe, who aces her ravishing arias and scatters delightful trills—make this well-recorded set a delight" Time Out

"Nun beut die Flur"

"Auf starken Fittiche schwinget sich"

"Holde Gattin, dir zur Seite"

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 Blow: Venus and Adonis

"Amanda Forsythe's languid singing is apt for the eroticism of Venus." Gramophone

"Hunter's Music"

"Welcome Ev'ry Guest"


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Handel: Messiah

"Rejoice Greatly"

"Come Unto Him"

"I Know That My Redeemer Liveth"


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Mozart: Lucio Silla: In un istante...Parto, m'affretto

"Parto, m'affretto" showcases coloratura soprano Amanda Forsythe – a voice to remember." The Independent (UK)

"Parto, m'affretto"


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Charpentier: Actéon

"Air d'Aréthuse"


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Jean-Baptiste Lully: Psyché

"Amanda Forsythe as Aglaure is sympathetic to her sister Psyché, but the same soprano's portrayal of a nymph in Act 2 is even more beautiful." Classics Today



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Lully: Thésée

"As both Minerva and her Grand Priestess...Amanda Forsythe is among the most effective singers in the lot. She offers a brightly forward, almost heroic tone, vocal dexterity of a fine order, and the strongest response among the cast to the text." Fanfare Magazine



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Cooman: New Dawn

" This latest is the most rewarding of the all-Cooman discs I have heard...Soprano Forsythe has a light, flexible voice whose lovely, intimate quality is very well suited to the spirit of Cooman’s vocal writing." Fanfare Magazine

"New Dawn"


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Rossini: L'Equivoco Stravagante

"As the sprightly servant Rosalia, soprano Amanda Forsythe [was] just what the doctor ordered." Opera News



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Dominick Argento: Jonah and the Whale

"Soprano Amanda Forsythe delivers a lovely and lyrical "Christe eleison" in the stratosphere." Opera News

"Jonah and the Whale"